Differences Between ABAP CDS Views & ABAP Dictionary Views

ABAP Dictionary Views or Database Views are made in the SE11 in the ABAP Dictionary. ABAP CDS Views are made in Eclipse – for the present. The theory is, that at some point or another they can be created in the Web IDE also.

Where an ABAP Dictionary View and an ABAP CDS Views gets made is the main evident contrast. In any case, first of all – what are ABAP Dictionary Views and what are ABAP CDS Views.

ABAP Dictionary Views

ABAP Dictionary Views get from the database pre-characterized information. The ABAP Dictionary Views gets from the database by SQL Statements the information required for an application what is the full meaning of erp in sap   to process the ideal outcome.

For instance, an ABAP application needs to yield all items. For this, the application needs to get from the database the important information of an item. What’s more, rather than doing this legitimately by a SQL explanation the application utilizes an ABAP Dictionary View.

The ABAP Dictionary View gets the information of an item from the tables of the database by SQL. It associates just for an item vital tables of the database by Inner Joins and chooses from the tables all the important fields for an item.

At that point the ABAP application does not utilize straightforwardly a SQL explanation to get the information of the item from the database however the ABAP Dictionary View. The ABAP Dictionary View resembles an extra layer between the ABAP application and the database.

For instance, the name of the ABAP Dictionary View is ZPRODUCTS. It contains all tables and fields which are essential for an item.

In the ABAP code the view could be utilized this way:

SELECT * FROM zproducts

Request BY product_name


cl_products_output=>display( result ).

An ABAP Dictionary View is a view for at least one database tables. It is actually a view. Envision you are glancing through binoculars at a database. You just center certain tables or even only one table. Same goes with ABAP Dictionary Views: You pick one certain table or group certain tables together. In addition, you can likewise concentrate just on specific fields from those picked tables.

For instance, a database contains a bundle of tables. The point of your application is to return information which lives in three of the tables of the database. Also, just a single field of each table is vital. Here comes the view: The view associates those three tables and picks just the fields of the tables which are required.

When you enact an ABAP Dictionary View then a SQL View is made. This SQL View contains the SQL language structure of the characterized ABAP Dictionary View. For instance, in the event that you interface more than one table with an ABAP Dictionary View, at that point the SQL explanation of the SQL View does this by an Inner Join.


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the various highlights of ABAP CDS Views

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Why use ABAP CDS Views rather than ABAP Dictionary Views

There are 5 motivations to utilize ABAP CDS Views rather than ABAP Dictionary Views in a R/3 framework:

Upward similarity to S/4

Simple age of undeniable OData Services

Simple utilization of SAP UI5 Smart Controls and Fiori Elements

Certain approval checks

Execution help (see beneath)

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