Full Form of SAP ECC

The full type of ECC is ERP Central Component or Enterprise Core Component. As a matter of fact, it was named ERP Central Component yet as of late SAP makes reference to it as Enterprise Core Component also.

The ECC was discharged in the year 2004 as ECC 5.0. ECC supplanted R/3. The most recent variant is 6.0 and this was discharged in 2006. From that point forward it has been refreshed by upgrade bundles. sap complete acronym list The latest improvement bundle 8 was discharged in the year 2016.

ECC has a three-level design as R/3. The successor of ECC is S/4.

Henceforth, the SAP ECC full structure is Software, Applications, and Products

ERP Central Component or Software, Applications, and Products Enterprise Core Component.

Full Form of SAP S/4

The full type of S/4 is Business Suite 4. S/4 was discharged in the year 2015 and is the later form of the ERP frameworks of SAP. S/4 runs just on a HANA database. In this way, S/4 seems regularly as S/4HANA or SAP S/4HANA.

The SAP S/4HANA full structure is Software, Applications, and Products Business Suite 4 Tier High Performance Analytic Appliance.

S/4 is less complex and quicker in contrast with the past SAP ERP ages. In addition, it includes a ton of highlights. That is all conceivable because of the basic HANA database.

S/4 can be conveyed on-premise like all SAP ERP ages previously and furthermore in the cloud or through a cross breed model of on-reason and cloud.

The 4 in S/4 may have various implications:

fourth era of SAP’s ERP

4 with respect to: S 4 HANA = S for HANA

4 level engineering in the feeling of an extra level through cloud applications: cloud level, introduction level, application level, and database level

Henceforth, the SAP S/4 full structure is Software, Applications, and Products Business Suite 4.

Full Form of SAP HANA

The full type of HANA is High Performance Analytic Appliance.

HANA is a social database the board framework. HANA is in-memory and segment arranged. The essential capacity of HANA is as a database server: To store and recover information as mentioned by applications.

Be that as it may, HANA can accomplish more than being an overly quick database server due to its in-memory and segment situated structure: HANA is proficient to perform progressed investigation and to extricate, change and burden. Also, it incorporates an application server.

Thus, the SAP HANA full structure is Software, Applications, and Products High Performance Analytic Appliance.

Full Form of SAP ABAP

The full type of ABAP initially is as SAP a German abbreviation. ABAP remained in German for Allgemeiner Berichtsaufbereitungsprozessor. Meant English it is Generic Report Preparation Processor.

Later ABAP was renamed to Advanced Business Application Programming on account of its evolvement.

ABAP is a programming language and was discharged in the year 1983. It was named in any case Generic Report Preparation Processor due to that the language was just fit for programming reports. ABAP couldn’t do any database changes.

Yet, ABAP has been overhauled and is redesigned consistently – for instance, it is presently able to do database changes as well as is object situated also. Furthermore, during the time spent the persistent evolvement of ABAP it was renamed to Advanced Business Application Programming

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